Solvent Distribution System

Fäth Solvent Transfer and Dispense Module for solvent is meticulously designed with safety in mind due to the flammable and combustible nature of the liquid chemical. When solvent vapours are mixed with air, they form a flammable mixture that will ignite and burn when exposed to a spark or flame. The system is engineered to comply with applicable international design codes and standards, namely ATEX, by performing ignition and hazard analysis as well as risk assessments during the design development stage to ensure that the system is able to perform safe handling and distribution of solvents from solvent drums or totes to points of use across a fab-wide distribution loop using advanced pumping technology. Each system is integrated with safety features such as flame detector, rate anticipation heat detection switch and fire suppression system that utilizes Carbon Dioxide instead of city water to put out a potential fire inside the system. The system is designed to have stainless steel enclosures and wetted materials that are entirely conductive and grounded to prevent ignition sources such as static buildup from occurring. The implementation of innovation and inclusive design approach guarantees engineering for safety⁠—streamlining operations in facilities.

Fäth Solvent Waste Collection System is engineered for safe collection and disposal of solvent wastes, namely photoresist, after use in wafer cleaning processes. The system incorporates safety features and designs applicable in the international design codes and standards due to the flammable and combustible nature of solvents. The system is commonly designed to collect solvent wastes from wafer production floors via gravitational flow into stainless steel drums. The system utilizes enhanced weight measurement and control applications that is commonly paired with capacitive level sensors to perform fully-automated solvent waste collection drum switchover with high reliability.

Fäth Solvent Valve Manifold Box is installed in the delivery loop of Fäth Solvent Transfer and Dispense Module to distribute solvent to wafer fabrication process tools. The system features optimized layout and piping design to minimize equipment footprint and promote ease of installation, service and maintenance. The system is built with stainless steel enclosure with a large safety glass window for enhanced visibility as well as a built-in leak sensor to detect leaks inside the cabinet.