Slurry Distribution System

Fäth Slurry Dispense Module is engineered to dispense slurry consisting of submicron-sized abrasive particles and chemical reagents to Chemical Mechanical Planarization process tools. With the aim of minimizing surface defects to ensure effective polishing, the system comes with built-in filters with excellent retention of agglomerates while allowing desired slurry particles to pass through and reach the wafer surface. The system design and component selection involves meticulous engineering to provide a high order of efficiency and reliability. The system is commonly paired with Fäth Slurry Transfer Unit and a day tank to provide continuous supply of slurry for high consumptions. The system is integrated with modern and precise metrology to ensure that only slurry with high quality is delivered consistently.

Fäth Slurry Transfer Unit pumps slurry from chemical drums or totes into tanks attached to Fäth Slurry Dispense Module or Slurry Blend and Dispense Unit. The system can be configured to perform various modes of slurry recirculation in order to prevent sedimentation and agglomeration of slurry particles. This ensures that homogenous and quality slurry is readily available which enhances system efficiency and productivity. The system design emphasises on optimizing sustainability and reliability while reducing energy consumption by using an economical design approach. The system also utilizes integrated control and safety system which thins out the number of redundant and unique components to benefit from reduced downtime as a consequence of less waste and fewer parts to maintain and replace.

Fäth Slurry Blend and Dispense Unit is a product of state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering to supply homogeneous blends of slurries with consistently high quality at a push of a button. The system utilizes enhanced weight measurement and control applications capable of delivering high-precision measurement data from milligrams to tons for complex filling and blending of up to 6 different process chemicals. The use of PID controller enables input speed of the pumps to be controlled by feedback pressure in the loop efficiently and automatically, ensuring that the dispense pressure is always maintained to support the high demands of Chemical Mechanical Planarization process tools at any given time. The metrology system utilizes Coriolis measuring principle that operates independently of physical media properties to provide highly accurate measurements of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity for slurries requiring sensitive handling. The integration of advanced sensors enables real-time monitoring and measurement of media properties with high consistency and reliability.

Fäth Slurry Valve Manifold Box is installed in the delivery loop of Fäth Slurry Dispense Module or Slurry Blend and Dispense Unit to distribute slurry to Chemical Mechanical Planarization process tools. The system features optimized layout and piping design to minimize equipment footprint and promote ease of installation, service and maintenance. The system is designed to have a large and clear PVC door for enhanced visibility and accessibility as well as a built-in leak sensor to detect leaks inside the cabinet.