Chemical Valve Manifold Box

Fäth Chemical Valve Manifold Box is installed in the delivery loop of Fäth Chemical Dispense Module or Chemical Blend and Dispense Unit to distribute liquid chemicals to wafer fabrication process tools. The system features an optimized layout and piping design to minimize equipment footprint and promote ease of installation, service, and maintenance. The system is designed with a large and clear PVC door for enhanced visibility and accessibility. The system has a built-in leak sensor to detect leaks inside the cabinet.

Kindly consult Fäth Asia for assistance in developing a system that meets your technical and commercial requirements.

Standard Features

  • Up to 12 sticks
  • Manual isolation valves for each stick
  • Optimal piping layout and design
  • Large and clear PVC door
  • Double-containment connections in cabinet walls for each valve inlet or outlet

System Control

  • Linkage to supervisory control and data acquisation (SCADA) system for remote system monitoring and control

Safety Features

  • Cabinet leak detection
  • Door interlock system


  • Pneumatic valves to enable remote monitoring and control
  • Audible and visual alarms and warnings
  • FM4910 Fire Retardant Plastics enclosure

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