Chemical Blend Unit

Fäth Chemical Blend Unit is designed to blend up to 3 different liquid chemicals using precision-engineered static mixers. The flow rates of the liquid chemicals are measured with leading-edge flow meters that exploit the latest electric sensing technology for greater control of process variables. The intricate design allows up to 1% full-scale accuracy for critical measurements and minimizing dead volume in the system. The built-in modern and sophisticated metrology ensures that only a homogenous mixture with high quality is delivered consistently. The continuous mixing process enables simultaneous filling and consumption of a single-day tank to promote footprint optimization. The system design emphasizes optimizing sustainability and reliability while reducing energy consumption by using an economical design approach.

The equipment design considerations span several areas, including conforming to regulatory requirements to consistently meet operating objectives, occupational health, and safety standards. The system is controlled using the integration of PLC and HMI to facilitate fully automatic operations that require minimal user intervention while providing the user with a visual overview of the system’s status at a glance. Various safety features are incorporated into the system to detect hazards and perform necessary functions automatically to mitigate accidents.

Kindly consult Fäth Asia for assistance in developing a system that meets your technical and commercial requirements.

Standard Features

  • Automatic system shutdown from hardware safety interlocks
  • Automatic chemical quality analysis before batch release (offline metrology)
  • Automatic chemical quality analysis during delivery (online metrology)
  • Pressure control and in-line mixing monitoring via high-precision flow controller and pressure regulator
  • Optimal piping layout and design
  • Manual system flushing and purging
  • UPW or UN2 spray gun
  • Auxiliary media pressure sensors for pneumatic system

System Control

  • Siemens SIMATIC S7 series PLC
  • Siemens SIMATIC Comfort Panel HMI
  • User authorisation and password protection HMI
  • Multilingual operational guide on HMI
  • Manual actuation of pneumatic valves
  • Linkage to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote system monitoring and control

Safety Features

  • Isolated process and electrical enclosures
  • CDA-purge function for electrical enclosure
  • Audible and visual alarms and warnings
  • Local and remote EMO
  • Exhaust flow detection
  • Cabinet leak detection
  • Utility service leak detection
  • Door interlock system
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


  • Diaphragm pump with pulsation dampeners, stroke counter, and leak detection
  • Automatic chemical dosing switchover function
  • Redundant pumps and filters
  • Automatic pump and filter priming
  • Differential pressure monitoring across filters
  • Flow monitoring of process chemicals for mixing
  • FM4910 Fire Retardant Plastics enclosure
  • Automatic system flushing and purging

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