We adopt and integrate lean manufacturing principles into our business operations consistently through systematic waste elimination and process optimization.

The history of manufacturing can be traced back to the 18th century when Industrial Revolution took place. The major shift from manual labor to mechanization has transformed the manufacturing industry and sparked a dramatic development in the market. Consequently, various manufacturing plans, concepts, and principles have been introduced with the same objectives in mind: Continuous optimization in quality, safety, efficiency, and costs of products and services to meet the ever-growing market demands. In pursuit of this goal, we adopt and integrate lean manufacturing principles into our business operations consistently through systematic waste elimination and process optimization.

At Fäth Asia, we view our manufacturing sector as a source of competitive advantage to leverage. As a global leader in the manufacturing of ultra-high purity systems, we ensure that our modern facility infrastructure in Penang, Malaysia is always well-equipped and systematized to sustain Fäth Asia’s manufacturing competitiveness.

  • Cleanroom
  • General Manufacturing Floor
  • Stainless Steel Workshop
  • Plastic Workshop
  • Warehouse

We constantly improve our operations by learning and adopting time-tested manufacturing plans. Fäth Asia is certified with ISO 9001 quality management framework to ensure that our products and services are of consistently high quality while fostering a safe and healthy occupational environment. We regularly perform the following in line with the quality management system to optimize our operations:

1. Workflow Analysis and Improvement

Although there is value in the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, it is imperative to conduct periodic reviews of existing workflows where there are 3 crucial areas that we analyze to improve.

  • People

We house a team of highly skilled workers with broad experience in manufacturing high-quality products. We assign reliable project managers to perform project planning that clearly defines project objectives with realistic schedules while maintaining critical paths apparent and on track.

  • Process

We perform value-stream mapping to identify and work on process bottlenecks to improve overall productivity.

  • Technology

We ensure that our manufacturing sector has the essential equipment and technology to operate at the optimal level.

2. Scheduled Maintenance

Machine downtimes can immensely impair productivity and impact project schedules. Our manufacturing team is trained to carry out troubleshooting procedures and preventative maintenance to prevent unforeseen and undesirable downtime. We ensure that scheduled maintenance is always performed to ensure that our equipment can operate smoothly all year round.

3. Training and Development

At Fäth Asia, we prioritize training and developing our employees. Our manufacturing team receives regular training to equip them with the essential skills and knowledge required to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Training sessions are always scheduled when a new piece of equipment or technology is installed. Refreshment training is performed as necessary and accurate records are kept. Additionally, we offer further educational opportunities and leverage their skills and knowledge for operation optimization.

4. Organized Workspace

We perform daily housekeeping to maximize work movement and efficiency. Tools and materials are kept in an organized manner to reduce the time required to find them. In addition, the layout of the manufacturing floor in Fäth Asia is designed to increase overall productivity by allowing the product to be moved more quickly between stages by reducing travel time and distance.

5. Optimal Inventory

Long lead components often result in productivity inefficiencies as well as wastage of resources. These components are commonly the bottleneck in a project delivery besides equipment and technology unavailability. With our Fäth Asia warehouse, we can keep stock of these components, which gives us an edge over our competitors in project lead times. Furthermore, we can benefit from Fäth Group’s geographical organization structure and source from Germany, Singapore, and China.