EI&C Engineering


Modern measurement and control technology continues to serve the task of autonomous monitoring in process plants and operations as the world moves towards the era of automation. Today, practically all technical equipment and systems in the industries are amalgamated to the electrical, instrumentation and control (EI&C) systems.

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With EPLAN, our team of specialists can design an integrated planning of actuators, sensors and transducers through a variety of control systems from simple control relays to more complicated systems involving Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and everything in between.

Years of experience enable our team to perform precise component selections based on system performances, operational requirements and applicable international safety standards.

At Fäth Asia, our team of specialists in EI&C engineering designs systems that run with minimum energy, cost and operating effort, in such a way that guarantees an optimal degree of operational safety, economy and efficiency.