Faeth History Timelines


Between 2004 and the present day, the family company founded by Michael Fäth has become a highly sought-after partner in the ultra-pure media supply sector. Our 400 employees currently work closely with our customers at 8 different locations and on countless projects worldwide.


  • Change of Managing Directors at Fäth Group GmbH
    The Fäth brothers withdraw from management and transfer their shares to Christian Bürkert Familienbeteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG.


  • Expansion of the Fäth GmbH Klipphausen branch
    The floor space is growing by 3100 m², expanding the clean room capacities by 350 m² to a total of 800 m².
  • Creating modern and flexible use areas with demand-based modification systems permits expansion and optimization of production and storage space.


  • Faeth Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. with headquarters in Penang (Malaysia) increased its production capacities by 100% and moved into a new building in the ‘Free Industrial Zone’.
  • The new business premises has 2320 m² of manufacturing space, including clean room space, as well as an additional 465 m² of office space.


  • FAETH Singapore Pte. Ltd. founded.
  • FAETH Shanghai Co. Ltd. founded.


  • FAETH Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. founded.


  • Fäth Russia founded.


  • Relocation of the headquarters to Eschau-Hobbach (near Frankfurt), to ensure the proximity to our customers at all key technology hubs in Germany.
  • Continuous global expansion of projects and customers – start of Fäth GmbH’s international growth.
  • Fäth Belarus founded.


  • Cooperation partner acquired and renamed Fäth GmbH.


  • Dresden office opened with 2 employees
    The new location in Silicon Saxony guarantees proximity to key customers, companies from the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries as well as research centres.
  • Move to industrial area in Klipphausen (near Dresden) in October
    The stainless steel and plastic manufacturing facilities are combined in a 3,000 m² production space.


  • First in-house production of gas panels and prefabrication of vacuum components in the workshop clean room, cabinet construction and plastic installation together with a partner company.
  • As an important location for technology and research, Munich unites important customers and therefore contributes to constant growth of the company – the location has grown to 10 employees today.


  • Fäth GmbH & Co. KG founded in October in a small office in Munich.
  • First project is piping installation for a major customer in the semiconductor industry.
  • Rental of offices and a workshop in southern Munich (Neuperlach).
  • 4 employees hired by the end of the year.