Our Company

About Us

We are a global industrial and engineering company specializing in gas and chemical systems. We offer pioneering technology, customer focus, and process know-how to optimize our customers’ business and processes by providing a comprehensive range of customizable solutions.

Our portfolio includes complete design and manufacturing of supply systems as well as service and commissioning. We develop standard systems, tailor-made systems, and turn-key plants for LED, photovoltaic, and semiconductor industries. Customers in pharmacy, biotechnology, and many other sectors also rely on our solutions. 

Our company headquarters in Germany and Asia have a high level of vertical integration and prefabrication capacities – even for the cleanroom segment.


  • Your leading Gas, Chemical and Slurry supply innovative and pioneering technology partner of choice.

Fäth Asia offers comprehensive services and turnkey solutions to our clients in high purity Gases and Chemicals/Slurry supply, the optimal combination of pioneering German technology and engineering quality, and Asian customer-focused service and competitive price level.

  • Our team of highly competent and committed employees the Company committed to invest in return for their continuous professional growth within the company;
  • We strongly believe our employees’ competence, commitment, satisfaction loyalty are our invaluable assets to serve our clients better in return for our clients’ utmost satisfaction.

Quality Policy
Our Quality Policy Statement articulates our commitment to be the provider of choice in customized solutions and to maintain our commitment to continual improvement. Our Management and staff are fully committed to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

We pledge to provide quality products and services that excel in customer satisfaction by:

  • Open communication with customer and within our company.
  • Continually improve our products, processes, and services.
  • Complying with applicable standards, regulations, and our Quality System.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
We at Fäth Asia are strongly committed to excellence in occupational health and safety throughout our work processes and activities.

We pledge to excel in our commitment by:

  • Complying with applicable OH&S legal and other requirements.
  • Sharing equal responsibilities on accident or incident prevention using the hierarchy of control.
  • Creating and maintaining safe working environments.
  • Continually improve and monitoring of our OH&S management system and performance indicators.
  • Training our employees to be competent in workplace hazards identification and subsequently minimizing risks.
  • Encouraging our employees to participate and seeking consultation in any OH&S activities.